The music of the 80′s was truly awesome.

I was born in the summer of 1980. My favorite memories of the 80s are easily brought back with the likes of Haddaway, Nazareth, Sting.. there were so many great bands and artists in those days. By the last 80′s i was fascinated by electronics and when i entered my teen years i was already tinkering with electronics and eventually into computers. The 80′s brought us personal computers to the masses, cellphones in the cars and fax machines were the way people got information back and forth “instantly”. But there is something special about the music of the 80s and it’s my goal to bring you, as an educational hobby website, a party site. I bought this domain at auction yesterday.. i knew i had to have it when i saw it. It fits perfectly into my near future plans and i plan to build a website nothing short of awesome soon. Stay tuned.. to